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About Us

Our Club History

Chartered on the 24th June 1972 the Adelaide Hellenic Lions club has for a long period had a fantastic exposure to the public through the Glendi Greek Festival, a celebration of the Greek culture, food and entertainment that started in 1978. This event was originally established as a fundraising event between the Lions Club of Adelaide Hellenic and West Torrens Football Club. It has grown in its history, developing into an acclaimed multicultural festival. It is arguably one of the original ‘food and wine’ festivals in South Australia.

For a new club with only 6 years since its inception to organise and put on such a large event that has become a tradition for over 40 years shows a dedication of its members over that time.

The members of Adelaide Hellenic Lions have certainly displayed the ethos of Lions in the wonderful activities that they have undertaken through the years along with the donations of time and finances to all the worthy causes they have supported.

Over the 50 years the club has contributed over 564 years of Lions service to the community with 18 current members.

2023/24 Club Executive Members



Greg Musarra

PresidentGreg Musarra
1st Vice PresidentJohn Chefalachis
SecretaryAnastasia Potiris
TreasurerJohn Chefalachis
MembershipEvelyn Chefalachis


Anastasia Potiris

Past Presidents

1972-1973Con Nicholas
1973-1974Tom Jackson
1974-1975Michael J Taliangis
1975-1976Arthur Economos
1976-1977George Koutsouvelis
1977- 1978Theodore Athans
1978-1979 , 1986-1987Bill Daniels
1979-1980Arthur Kontopoulos
1980-1981Peter Savas
1981 -1982Peter Spartalis
1982-1983 , 1983-1984Greg Kalyvas
1984-1985Phil Galantomos
1985-1986Bill Stavropoulos
1987-1988Bill Vivlios
1988-1989Tasso Andonas
1989-1990Tom Zafiris
1990-1991Tom Vartzokas
1991-1992Steve Georganas
1992-1993 , 1993-1994Jim Tsagouris
1994-1995Jim Kalliontzis
1995-1996 , 1996-1997Pat Taylor
1997-1998 , 1998-1999John Chefalachis
1999-2000 , 2000-2001Anastasia Potiris
2001-2002 , 2006-2007 , 2007-2008Manuel Chrisan
2002- 2003Peter Louca
2003-2004Pat Taylor
2008- 2009 , 2009-2010Pat Taylor
2004-2005 , 2005-2006 , 2010 - 2023Evelyn Chefalachis
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