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Sister Catherine St Vinnies Pantry

Supporting Those Less Fortunate

Sister Catherine’s St. Vinnies Pantry is a charitable organisation that aids those in need. They primarily focus on addressing food insecurity by offering a pantry where individuals and families can access essential groceries and food items. The pantry operates with the help of donations from various sources, including individuals, businesses, and community organisations. Sister Catherine’s St. Vinnies Pantry aims to support and uplift the less fortunate members of the community by ensuring they have access to nutritious food and necessities.

Another Eventful Day – We Sold Christmas Cakes and generously donated activity packs to Sister Catherine’s from St. Vinnies Croydon and President John Corso. We are passionate about our work and dedicated to assisting the less fortunate members of our community. Together, We Serve!

Adelaide Hellenic donates to Sister Catherine’s Saint Vinnies Pantry at Croydon Park. We were introduced to Sister Catherine by Steve Georganas MP in June 2020 when we inducted Steve back to our Club.

We donate food, Lions Mini Christmas Cakes, toys and any nonperishables to the Panty. We also help every year with lolly bags at Christmas for the children together with our mini cakes.

Sister Catherine has her Pantry in a back room adjacent to the hall at St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church. Sister Catherine’s Vinnies Pantry is located at St Margaret Mary’s Catholic Church, 286 Torrens Rd, Croydon Park SA 5008.